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Hey there! If you're Pregnant or a Mum you're in the right place. We are Sydney's leading Pregnancy Yoga experts, which means we know a thing or two about keeping you active, healthy and happy during your pregnancy, and getting you ready - mentally and physically - for your birth.

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If you live too far away from our classes, or don't have time or childcare, you can still have an active pregnancy with our Online Studio! Check out our suite of online courses and downloads. We look forward to supporting you on your Motherhood journey!

Online Beginners' Pregnancy Yoga Course

Comprehensive online yoga course suitable for pregnant women who are new to yoga.
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The Pregnancy Yoga Handbook: A Simple Guide For Mums-To-Be

Get Your Copy of "The Pregnancy Yoga Handbook" - with 15 Essential Yoga Poses EVERY Pregnant Woman Must Know! This beautiful full-colour guide for Mums-to-be is packed full of useful information with step-by-step instructions, pictures and guidelines to keep you healthy and your baby safe! You'll discover: * The benefits of Pregnancy Yoga * Strengthening poses to prevent pregnancy aches and pains * Stretching poses to make you feel good * Relaxation poses to relieve stress and tiredness * Breathing techniques for labour * A 30 minute Pregnancy Yoga routine and much more!
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Pregnancy Relaxation - A Guided Meditation (Digital Audio Download)

This 20 minute guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra) will leave you feeling blissed out, refreshed and re-energised. Just 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of 4 hours of sleep - so this is perfect for tired pregnant women! Set to beautiful relaxing music, the audio will guide you through a physical relaxation and help you to visualise and connect with your baby.
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Online Pregnancy Yoga Class

We understand that our class timetable is not convenient for everyone, so let the class come to you! As featured in Practical Parenting magazine and Nurture Parenting magazine. Caroline Bagga, Founder and Principle Yoga Teacher at Mother Nurture Yoga guides you through a series of safe, simple yoga poses, breathing and meditation techniques that will enable you to have a joyful pregnancy and an empowering birth experience. A comprehensive introduction explains the benefits of pregnancy yoga and how to get the most out of your practice in preparation for labour, birth and motherhood. The rest of the hour-long class is broken down into different sections so you can either do the whole class or just a section of it depending on how much time and energy you have: Relaxation/meditation focusing on your breath 10 minute ‘warm up’ routine 30 minute full routine ‘Savasana’ relaxation Buy it today and have lifetime access to do the class as many times as you like!
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Online Postnatal Yoga Class

Postnatal yoga helps you to nurture and strengthen your body after birth. It is often hard to find time to get to a class after your baby is born, so enjoy the convenience of practising at home! This 30 minute postnatal yoga routine can be done while your baby naps or plays next to you. It is perfect for toning up and rebuilding your core strength, as well as releasing tension from your neck and shoulders, and relaxing your body and mind.
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Online Prenatal and Postnatal Class Bundle

Stay active and healthy with lifetime access to the one-hour Pregnancy Yoga class, then once you've had your baby, get your body back in shape with the 30 minute Postnatal Yoga class. Buy both together and save $$.
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Why is Yoga good for Pregnancy?

We all know that a healthy lifestyle is important. When you are pregnant, your baby is completely relying on you so it’s even more important to stay active and have a healthy pregnancy – physically and emotionally.

The experts all agree: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in the UK and The Australasian College of Sports Medicine all say that moderate-intensity exercise is important for pregnant women.

Yoga is the best all-round form of exercise and the one recommended by many Midwives and Doctors. When practiced correctly, prenatal yoga is safe and beneficial for both mum and baby.

Here’s just some of the ways that pregnancy yoga can help you:

  1. Feel more energetic. Growing a baby is tiring, but there is still work to be done so you need energy, which yoga will help to restore.
  2. Relax, reduce stress and anxiety. According to experts, everything the pregnant mother feels and thinks is communicated through neurohormones to her unborn child, just as surely as are alcohol and nicotine. So relaxation, positive thinking and connection can nurture a healthier and happier child during pregnancy. Yoga is highly effective in endorphin production, which lifts your mood and makes you feel great.
  3. Sleep better. Indigestion, insomnia and hip pain are common in pregnancy and prevent you from getting the rest you need. Yoga can help with all these conditions.
  4. Maintain a healthy weight.  A healthy diet is critical but a regular yoga practice will also help you maintain a healthy weight which also reduces your chance of developing conditions like Gestational Diabetes.
  5. Reduce back pain. The weight of your baby causes back pain in 40-50% of pregnant women. Yoga will stretch out your upper and lower back, reducing these problems.
  6. Build strength. Yoga poses strengthen the legs and core to prevent and ease lower back problems so you can carry your growing baby with ease.
  7. Improve your posture. Good posture is also critical to reducing back pain. 
  8. Feel prepared and confident for an empowering birth. Yogic breathing techniques and positions for active birth will build your confidence ready for the birth of your baby, increasing your chance of a natural delivery.
  9. Help to position your baby correctly. Prenatal yoga is designed to assist with correct positioning of the baby – making the labour as easy and smooth as possible!
  10. Build your pelvic floor muscles. Pregnancy and birth places your pelvic floor muscles under enormous strain. During a yoga class particular poses help you to become familiar with your pelvic floor so you can learn how to activate (and relax) these muscles correctly.
  11. Get back into shape more easily after giving birth. Keeping active during your pregnancy will make it easier to bounce back after giving birth.
  12. Start bonding with your baby. A yoga class gives you special time to turn your attention inwards, learning to listen to and connect with your baby. Guided visualisations and touch are an important part of prenatal yoga.