Online Postnatal Yoga Class by Caroline Bagga

Online Postnatal Yoga Class

Strengthen your body after birth!

Reclaim Your Postnatal Body!

Postnatal yoga helps you to nurture and strengthen your body after birth. It is often hard to find time to get to a class after your baby is born, so enjoy the convenience of practising at home! 

This 30 minute postnatal yoga routine can be done while your baby naps or plays next to you. It is perfect for toning up and rebuilding your core strength, as well as releasing tension from your neck and shoulders, and relaxing your body and mind.

What's included?

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Postnatal Yoga Class
31 mins

Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood

Hey there! If you're Pregnant or a Mum you're in the right place. We are Sydney's leading Pregnancy Yoga experts, which means we know a thing or two about keeping you active, healthy and happy during your pregnancy, and getting you ready - mentally and physically - for your birth.