Online Pregnancy Yoga Class by Caroline Bagga

Online Pregnancy Yoga Class

One hour pregnancy yoga class

Practice Pregnancy Yoga at home!

We understand that our class timetable is not convenient for everyone, so let the class come to you! As featured in Practical Parenting magazine and Nurture Parenting magazine.

Caroline Bagga, Founder and Principle Yoga Teacher at Mother Nurture Yoga guides you through a series of safe, simple yoga poses, breathing and meditation techniques that will enable you to have a joyful pregnancy and an empowering birth experience.

A comprehensive introduction explains the benefits of pregnancy yoga and how to get the most out of your practice in preparation for labour, birth and motherhood.

The rest of the hour-long class is broken down into different sections so you can either do the whole class or just a section of it depending on how much time and energy you have:

  • Relaxation/meditation focusing on your breath
  • 10 minute ‘warm up’ routine
  • 30 minute full routine
  • ‘Savasana’ relaxation

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What's included?

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Sneak Peek at the Pregnancy Yoga Class!
4 mins
Pregnancy Yoga Class
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Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood

Hey there! If you're Pregnant or a Mum you're in the right place. We are Sydney's leading Pregnancy Yoga experts, which means we know a thing or two about keeping you active, healthy and happy during your pregnancy, and getting you ready - mentally and physically - for your birth.